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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Sahel regions

Launch of the training on preparedness & response
to the health emergency from SARS Cov-2

The MediLabSecure off-line training on Preparedness
and Response to the Health Emergency
from novel Coronavirus SARS Cov-2 has been officially
launched! Developed by the MediLabSecure public health
working group coordinated
by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), this training
aiming at strengthening the surveillance and protection
capacities of healthcare workers
is structured into three units.
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SARS Cov-2 in animals
In view of the increasing cases of SARS CoV-2 detection
in animals, the Animal Health Research Center (INIA-CISA),
coordinator of the animal virology working group, has
developed a document summarizing
available information, including data from natural
and experimental infections.
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MediLabSecure on the front line to face Covid-19 epidemic
In the context of Covid-19 epidemic, the human virology working group
coordinated by the Laboratory for Urgent Response to Biological Threats
(CIBU) at the Institut Pasteur, has been directly involved in the SARS-CoV-2
epidemic response from the beginning through active information,
discussions, diagnostic tools sharing
and technical support.
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About the project

Countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions have common sea borders and, as a result, share common public health issues and threats. 

The MediLabSecure project aims at consolidating a Laboratory Network on the emerging viruses that are pathogens for humans and/or animals. 

It represents a cluster for awareness, risk assessment, monitoring and control of these vector borne diseases. This cluster will require the interaction of four laboratory sub-networks, one for human health, one for animal health, one for entomology and one for public health reinforcement. 

The MediLabSecure network encompasses partner countries around the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions (19 non-EU countries) by means of a collaborative execution of the stated work packages to address public health-related national needs.

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MediLabSecure is a European project (2014-2017) aiming to:

  • Create a framework for collaboration to improve surveillance and monitoring of emerging vector borne viral diseases (arboviruses)
  • Provide training for public health experts in participating countries to increase the communicable disease control in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region.
  • Promote knowledge development and transfer of biosafety best laboratory practices


Prevent spread of viruses and concerned vectors (mosquitoes):

  • Prevent outbreaks of zoonotic viruses with an existing identified or potential risk in the region (West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Rift valley fever, …)
  • Improve integrated surveillance (animal, human, entomological)
  • Provide risk assessment of the different emerging viruses (transmission, spread, human impact…)
  • Recommend and implement public health measures for control where possible


MediLabSecure is a continuation the “EpiSouth plus” project (2010-2013). The project is funded by the European Union DEVCO/EuropeAid (Contract Number: IFS/2013/330 961).

The Project is led by the Institut Pasteur.


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