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03/2018 - Strengthening Preparedness for Arbovirus Infections in Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries

In the context of One Health, Integrated Surveillance of human, animal, entomological, and environmental sectors constitute one of the main challenges to strengthen the prevention of, and preparadness against, arbovirus infections.

The article recently published in the International Journal of Environmental  Research and Public Health  analyses the conceptual framework to assess integrated surveillance in order to facilitate the identification and description of operationalized One Health surveillance.

Source :

Dente MG, Riccardo F, Nacca G, Ranghiasci A, Escadafal C, Gaayeb L, Jiménez-Clavero MÁ , Manuguerra JC, Picard M, Fernández-Pinero J, Pérez-Ramírez E, Robert V, Victoir K, Declich  (2018) Strengthening Preparedness for Arbovirus Infections in Mediterranean and Black Sea Countries: A Conceptual Framework to Assess Integrated Surveillance in the Context of the One Health Strategy, International Journal of Environmental  Research and Public Health.


Researchers of the MediLabSecure network have collaboratively mapped arboviruses and their vectors in 16 of the project partner countries in the Balkans, the Middle-East and North Africa.

This work underlines the importance of surveillance and the implementation of adapted control strategies of vector-borne diseases in this Region.

Source: Failloux, A.-B., Bouattour, A., Faraj, C.,Gunay, F., Haddad, N., Harrat, Z., Jancheska E., Kanani K., Kenawy M.-A., KotaM., Pajovic I., Paronyan L., Petric D., Sarih M., Sawalha S., Shaibi T.,Sherifi K., Sulesco T., Velo E., Gaayeb L., Victoir K. & Robert, V. (2017). Surveillance of Arthropod-Borne Viruses and their Vectors in the Mediterraneanand Black Sea Regions within the MediLabSecure Network. Current Tropical Medicine Reports.

Curr Trop Med Rep. 2017;4(1):27-39.doi: 10.1007/s40475-017-0101-y. Epub 2017 Mar 17.


The current Zika virus emergence has highlighted the global need to conduct comprehensive risk assessments and develop preparedness activities against arboviral threats. An article published in BMC Public Health examines how the actions and strategies implemented by the MediLabSecure network contribute to the prevention and control of the Zika virus threat in the Euro-Mediterranean area. 

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Risk of Zika virus transmission in the Euro-Mediterranean area and the added value of building preparedness to arboviral threats from a One Health perspective. Escadafal C, Gaayeb L, Riccardo F, Pérez-Ramírez E, Picard M4, Dente MG, Fernández-Pinero J, Manuguerra JC, Jiménez-Clavero MÁ, Declich S, Victoir K, Robert V. BMC Public Health. 2016 Dec 3;16(1):1219. 

PMID: 27914465. 

DOI: 10.1186/s12889-016-3831-1

04/2016 - MEDILABSECURE strengthening arboviruses intergated surveillance in the Mediterranean and black sea

The article entitled “Strengthening integrated surveillance for arboviruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions in the framework of the One Health approach” has just been published. 

It describes how the MediLabSecure project contributes to the strengthening of One Healthsurveillance in the Mediterranean Basin and Black Sea Regions.

You can read and download this article here.

It is part of a monography (with other articles in English) that can be downloaded from the Italian Society of Tropical Medicine and  Global Health (SIMET) website.

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M. G. Dente, F. Riccardo, G. Nacca, A. Ranghiasci, J-C. Manuguerra, C. Escadafal, M. A. Jimenez-Clavero, E. Perez Ramirez, V. Robert, M. Picard, F. Cherblanc, L. Gaayeb, K.Victoir, S. Declich on behal of the MediLabSecure Network  Strenghtening integrated surveillance for arboviruses in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions in the framework of the One Health approach


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