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Fact Sheets

Scope of The activity

As a follow-up to the Medical Entomology training sessions, a new on-line activity has been devised within MediLabSecure.

The main objectives are:
  •  to maintain the mosquitoes species determination among the routine activities
  • assess the efficiency and accuracy of mosquito identification by all the medical entomology laboratories of the MediLabSecure network, 

How does it work?

As set of pictures from different mosquitos has been prepared and proposed to the MediLabSecure network members - and beyond- for identification.

Every 2 months, an unknown mosquito picture is proposed for identification. A couple of days are provided to submit responses through an on-line questionnaire.

The results are analyzed and reported to participants the following month, accompanied by  a mosquito fact-sheet focusing on the characteristics of the given species, its geographical distribution, the species not to be confused with, etc.

Let's identify!
MosPictoQuizz / Species#1
MosPictoQuizz / Species#2
MosPictoQuizz / Species#3
MosPictoQuizz / Species#4
MosPictoQuizz / Species#5
MosPictoQuizz / Species#6
MosPictoQuizz / Species#7
MosPictoQuizz / Species#8
MosPictoQuizz / Species#9
MosPictoQuizz / Species#10

Fact Sheet repository

A Fact Sheet repository will be build on the go. All Fact Sheets will be available below:

Factsheet 1 Aedes albopictus

Factsheet 2 Anopheles sacharovi

Factsheet 3 Culiseta annulata

Factsheet 4 Aedes aegypti

Factsheet 5 Culex pipiens

Factsheet 6 Anopheles Claviger

Factsheet 7 Aedes Japonicus

Factsheet 8 Aedes Vexans

Factsheet 9 Aedes Geniculatus

Factsheet 10 Culex modestus


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