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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

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Exhibition 'Vectors and diseases'

What do plague, malaria and chikungunya have in common? 

These diseases and many others—or more precisely the causal agents responsible—are spread by 'vectors'. A vector is a transmission agent for microscopic organisms that cause diseases; these are spread to humans and animals by biting.

The exhibition shows a broad range of vectors and also discusses the research conducted by scientists to gain better knowledge of them in order to organise control.

Panel 1 – Title
Panel 2 – What is a vector?
Panel 3 – The life cycle of insects
Panel 4 –  Aedes mosquitoes
Panel 5 – Anopheles mosquitoes
Panel 6 – Culex mosquitoes
Panel 7 – Phlebotominae / Sand flies
Panel 8 – Culicoides / Midges
Panel 9 – Progress in research
Panel 10 – Black flies / Simulium
Panel 11 – Tsetse fly
Panel 12 – Bugs / Triatominae
Panel 13 – Lice
Panel 14 – Fleas
Panel 15 – Climate change and globalisation
Panel 16 – Ticks
Panel 17 – Credits

Specification sheet

This exhibition has been devised and produced by IRD with the support of the European project MediLabSecure.
> 17 banners display / 14 formats 80 x 180 cm, 3 formats 80 x 90 cm
> Eyelets on upper and lower edges and stabilizing bars

Exhibition available in French, English, Serbian, Montenegrin and Arabic.

You can view pictures of the exhibition at different locations and in different languages on our flickr page.

ContactInstitut Pasteur / @MediLabSecure