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One Health network for the prevention of vector-borne diseases around the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions

The project
MediLabSecure is a European project (2014-2018)
aiming to improve the surveillance of emerging viral
diseases (respiratory viruses and arboviruses)
and the training of public health experts in the
Mediterranean and Black Sea regions
(19 non-EU countries).
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Exhibition on Vectors and Diseases
Have a look at the exhibition panels to learn more about a
broad range of vectors and understand how they transmit
diseases and how to achieve their control.
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New Project Brochure
We have just released a new leaflet for the project.
Do not hesitate to download it and use it to disseminate
about the MediLabSecure network and activities.
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Medical entomology explained in motion design
The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
and Institut Pasteur have developed a 2:30-minute
video in motion design in order to promote medical
entomology which is one of the four components
of the MediLabSecure project.
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One Health Scientific Conference in Rome
On November 26-27, 2018, public health authorities from
human and animal health sectors from 22 countries will
gather in Rome to discuss prevention and control of
arbovirus infections in the Mediterranean and Sahel
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About the project

Countries of the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions have common sea borders and, as a result, share common public health issues and threats. 

The MediLabSecure project aims at consolidating a Laboratory Network on the emerging viruses that are pathogens for humans and/or animals. 

It represents a cluster for awareness, risk assessment, monitoring and control of these vector borne diseases. This cluster will require the interaction of four laboratory sub-networks, one for human health, one for animal health, one for entomology and one for public health reinforcement. 

The MediLabSecure network encompasses partner countries around the Mediterranean and Black Sea Regions (19 non-EU countries) by means of a collaborative execution of the stated work packages to address public health-related national needs.

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MediLabSecure is a European project (2014-2017) aiming to:

  • Create a framework for collaboration to improve surveillance and monitoring of emerging vector borne viral diseases (arboviruses)
  • Provide training for public health experts in participating countries to increase the communicable disease control in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region.
  • Promote knowledge development and transfer of biosafety best laboratory practices


Prevent spread of viruses and concerned vectors (mosquitoes):

  • Prevent outbreaks of zoonotic viruses with an existing identified or potential risk in the region (West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Rift valley fever, …)
  • Improve integrated surveillance (animal, human, entomological)
  • Provide risk assessment of the different emerging viruses (transmission, spread, human impact…)
  • Recommend and implement public health measures for control where possible


MediLabSecure is a continuation the “EpiSouth plus” project (2010-2013). The project is funded by the European Union DEVCO/EuropeAid (Contract Number: IFS/2013/330 961).

The Project is led by the Institut Pasteur.


ContactInstitut Pasteur / @MediLabSecure